Saturday, 10 October 2009

Speeding South


October 10, 2009 - Yorktown VA, United States

After a week in Newport it was time to move on. We sailed on to Grotton CT to visit Dave who we met on the course and his wife Sue. After waiting for a few days for the weather to let us out we sailed down the Long Island sound and through New York. Spent a day washing clothes, then sped south whilst the wind was good to Ocean City MD. Our longest single trip yet of nearly 200 Miles.

After a rest in Ocean City we sailed another overnight trip to a creek near Yorktown VI. The weather then turned cold and rainy and we stayed huddled below waiting for some sunshine to help us on the last stretch of the season back to the boat yard.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Fire fighting for the STCW 95 basic training


October 5, 2009 - Hartford CT, United States

We stopped in Newport RI for a week in order to attend a 5 days course. The STCW95 basic training is a requirement on many commercial vessels and will enable us to work on larger yachts. The highlights of the course were the day spend fire fighting in Hartford CT and meeting lots of people in many different parts of the boating industry.

Di looking sexy

How come everyone else look sexy in this stuff

Making a mess

Barney spraying with his hose

Meeting lots of new people

Hanging with real firemen

Di with her big hose

Fighting big fires with big hoses

Thursday, 1 October 2009

It got cold, so we turned back south


October 1, 2009 - Boothbay Harbour ME, United States

Maine coast

Towards the end of August it started to get colder, so we decided we had reached our furthest north for the year, and turned to head south. The coast of Maine was very different from the rest of the East Coast, with deep water, rugged cliffs and rocks to avoid. There were thousands of islands to explore and sail between. Definitely worth returning.

Installing the heater

The temperature was dropping and it was finally time to install the heater we had bought the year before in Deltaville.

This is the picture I would have got with a super zoom and great timing

Whilst sailing south passed Cape Cod we passed through a Right Whale designated sanctuary. We looked long and hard for hours and eventually were rewarded with a pair of whales jumping and playing. Thankfully not too close to the boat. This is the picture I would have taken with the right camera and timing.

Right whale blowing

Later in the day more whales came closer but were calmer just doing the blowing and swimming stuff.

Right whales near the boat

This time I got some pictures, but never quite at the right time, but you get the idea.

Another beautiful sunset in Maine

The weather was treating us well and we made good progress south for our training course we had booked in Newport RI.

A rare picture of us sailing

We were heading for Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, but were held in harbour by some strong winds for a few days. Luckily we had found a very sheltered bay with free moorings. When we finally left, along with others in the bay we had a great sail to Newport. We were passed by another sail boat and had the chance to take and exchange pictures of our boat under full sail.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Into Maine. Freeport via Jewel Island


September 27, 2009 - Freeport ME, United States

We sailed north into Maine and stopped at the Isle of Shoals. We visited Smuttynose Island in the evening and had a nice walk and met the slightly mad volunteer ranger.

Smutty nose island huts

We also met his goats

Smuttynose Island goats

Smuttynose Island goats

Next door was Star Island, a Unitarian Retreat.

Star Island Retreat. NH

We knew we were in Maine as the sea was thick with lobster pot markers.

Lobster pot markers everywhere

The main sail was on its last legs, but luckily there was a new one on its way.

Old sail dying

The day we finally found the sail was very exciting and Mr Crispy, as the sail in now known, is greatly appreciated.

New main sail

Barney did get a little carried away by the moment.

Appreciating the new sail

The island was called 'Pound of Tea' I can only assume it was cheap.

Pound of Tea Island Maine

We stopped at the beautiful Jewel Island

Anchored in Jewel Island Maine

Walking on Jewel Island

and enjoyed a long walk ashore

Walking on Jewel Island

WW2 lookout towers gave great views of the islands

WWII watch tower

WWII watch tower

View from top of the tower

It was not easy to get lost either.

Not easy to get lost on Jewel Island

Monday, 10 August 2009

Long Island Sound up to Boston


August 10, 2009 - Provincetown MA, United States

Sailing was fantastic up the Long Island Sound and we were glad to be away from the big city.

Sailing in Long Island Sound

We stopped at the Thimbles on the North Shore where holiday homes perched on small rocks.

Thimble Islands

We visited the Hamptons and ended up in Block Island on a very busy weekend.

A busy day in Block Island

BIG Nachos

A long walk ashore rewarded with a small plate of Nachos.

After a quick trip to Newport to book onto a training course for later in the year, we headed North again up Buzzards Bay and through the Cape Cod Canal.

Cape Cod Canal

We were told it was cold up north, but still warm enough for a swim on a hot still day.

Swimming off Cape Cod

We sailed to Province Town on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod

Then into Boston Bay for some great sun sets over the city.

Sunset over Boston

Monday, 27 July 2009

New York, New York


July 27, 2009 - New York NY, United States

We sailed up the New Jersey Coast and into New York. Very Busy harbour with barges, ferries and tripper boats. We saw this famous lady too.

Statue of Liberty

We visited Ellis island, the immigration centre for NY for many years. Lots of interesting history and stylish architecture.

Ellis Island

After 2 days we had enough and left up the East River, nearly got landed on by a plane.

Sea Plane

Saw some crazy mansions built on the top of tower blocks

Mansions in the sky.

And were glad to escape to the relative peace on Long Island Sound.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Sailing in Chesapeake Bay


July 4, 2009 - Baltimore MD, United States

Shake down sail in June 09

After launching we took a few new friends from the yard sailing. Some who had never sailed, some who needed a reminder of what it was all about.

Anchored near the Washington monument

We sailed north up the Chesapeake Bay taking a week or 2 on a small side Mission to Washington DC.

Tourists in Washington

We spent two days in the noisy city and managed a few memorials, museums and statues before we could walk no more and became tired of tourism.

Getting a tow

We sailed on to Solomons Island up the bay and spent a few days watching the world go by whilst fixing the raw water pump on the engine. We watched this beautiful reproduction boat come into the harbour, but they were unable to drive away from the fuel dock and had to be towed out to see. The skipper should be flogged.

Di and the sunset

Sailing from the sunset

Once all was repaired we had some great sailing days up to Annapolis to meet our first guests of the season.

More sailing from the sunset

Iris and Wilson visit Sea Gal in USA

Iris and Wilson joined us for a week to enjoy the pleasures of cruising.

What happens after we catch it

Wilson donating some equipment and expertise to enable Barney to catch our first fish of the season, an 8 pound cat fish. Wilson also lend the will power to hit it repeatedly over the head so Iris could get it into the oven.


A common but still wonderful sight are the Osprey nesting on the marker posts around the bay. Each week the chicks get bigger and louder.

4th July

We also enjoyed the fireworks on the 4th July, but the locals were most surprised when we said we didnt celebrate the day !

Baltimore Harbour

We then sailed into busy Baltimore to bid farewell to our guests, whilst surrounded by dragons !