Thursday, 20 May 2010

Delivery trip in Greece


May 20, 2010 - Athens, Greece

After a long winter of work we were ready for a holiday and managed to grab a last minute booking on a charter company delivery trip. The trip was for 3 weeks starting in Nidri, Lefkas, Geece, where we first met. Taking a Moody 31 'Sami' to her Summer cruising ground In the NW Aegean.

Dinner with old friends

We spent a couple of days in Nidri and caught up with old friends who still lived in Greece.

Our Moody 31 Sami

Then left on 'Sami' to catch up with the rest of the Fleet of 25 boats for the journey through parts of Greece that many charter flotillas do not go. Lots of nostalgia as this was a route I had done myself a few times with the same group of boats.

Interesting Beer

Tried not to tell old stories of 'how I did it in my day', mainly by keeping busy drinking beer like this tasty local brew!

Through the Corinth Canal

We had the joy of sailing through the magnificent Corinth Canal.

Traditional Corinth canal dress and drink

And made sure we had on the traditional Coninthian Costume.

Sunset Nisos Stera

Watch magnificent sunsets from parts of Greece we had not sailed.


Swam in turquoise waters.

View from the top of Nisos Kyra Panagia

Climbed to the top of deserted islands.

Refreshment at the top of Nisos Kyra Panagia

and enjoyed the rewards of a tough climb.

All in all a lovely was to spend 3 weeks. Unfortunately this was not earning us money, so we headed for the south of France to try to bag a job on a super yacht.

After 2 weeks of hard job hunting we headed to Italy for our first job. Unfortunately although the boat was lovely, the owner was not and we ended up back in France.

The season was well under way, work was thin on the ground, and we had our own yacht waiting in the USA. It was a tough decision on what to do next.