Thursday, 10 March 2011

South from Georgetown to the Ragged Islands


March 10, 2011 - George Town, The Bahamas

Still amazed at the blue

We left Georgetown and the crowds of cruisers and headed to the Ragged Islands, or Jumentos Cays as they are also known. These Cays are less inhabited, more spread out and with less shelter than the Exumas, so in theory quieter and off the beaten track. There were still a few adventurous boats to be found wandering in packs as was to be expected as it is the one of the 'uncharted' areas that have just been charted!

Fishing works

The water was as blue as ever, clean and full of fish. Mainly we caught Barracuda. Scary looking and often not good to eat as they have poisonous ciguatera they retain from reefs, we took no chances and put them back.

Barracuda in a box!

Sail covers finished

On most of the Islands we saw no-one, the occasional pack of cruisers all huddling together. We got weather forecast from an old SSB radio. Although we had no proper antennae we clipped it to the rigging and managed to get good reception and enough forecast to know when to sail and when to stay. Di had finished the sail covers and SeaGal looked smarter every day.

Another anchorage

Most days were spent sitting at anchor, with the occasional sail to a new Island. A few walks and swims ending in a BBQ.

Beach BBQ

Our favourite evenings were spent sitting on the beach burning drift wood, enjoying BBQ lobster and Conch and a cold beer.

Sunset BBQ

Then watching the sun set over the boat and wondering what to do the next day. Swim, sail, fish or bugger all.

First of many,

We eventually found or first lobster and after an underwater Chase managed to catch him. Slowly getting braver, sometimes even without the gloves.

Di's handmade card from things on the boat

Di made this fantastic B'day card for one of her nephews with bits from the beach and the boat. Old main sail and topside paint made the boat come alive.