Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Back to Sea Gal for another Summer in New England


August 14, 2010 - Deltaville VA USA , United States

It took away from France back to our yacht

It took us 2 minutes to decide that our yacht needed us. We took the cheapest flight we could find, which was via Iceland ( only a couple of weeks after a big volcano erupted and closed Europe's air space for a week)

Viking beer in Iceland

As you can see we were happy get moving and back towards Sea Gal.

Viking beer in Iceland

Having some appropriately named Viking beer in Iceland to celebrate.

Hard work in the boat yard

Back in the yard with with Frankie and the gang.

Hannah & Crystal

Meeting Hannah the new member of the team.

Glad to see her lifted back to the water

We were very happy to see Sea Gal lifted out of the stands and put back in the water for our next adventure.

The Liquidator ( sounds like a kitchen appliance )

A few sights to get used to back in the USA, the rather over powered boats that you see on the waterways, this one of the more lurid examples. Loud, gas guzzling and named after a kitchen appliance.

Don't walk to beach, drive.

I remember in my childhood driving for miles down country lanes to then walk to deserted beaches carrying our lunch and towels to find the perfect deserted spot. The exact opposite seems to be driving your truck on to the beach and parking next to your neighbour just so you don't waste any energy that may be needed to flip the burger on the BBQ.

Our second fish ever !

Whilst waiting for Di to get ready to go out, which is not usually very long compared to your average woman, I caught our 2nd fish ever. Lucky for the fish we were going out, so he went swimming.

Finally started to paint the deck

We finally started the long and awkward job of painting the deck, particularly awkward when you are living on the boat. It took about 7 months in the end.

Sunset from Newport

A quick stop in Newport on the way north to book a Yacht Master course and admire the sunsets.

Small islands and lobster pots to avoid

We headed up to Maine again to explore the small rocky inlets and islands, trying to avoid the lobster pots on the way.

Low tide

Tidal ranges are high, but anchorages are plentiful and often empty.

Leaving a perfect anchorage

Places like this held us for several days before we felt we better move on to the next.

Another anchorage in the forests of Maine

The next was just as nice as the last.

At one with the solar panels

A skipper at one with his solar panels. Extra 2 installed this year to make 4 kept us self sufficient in the sunnier climates. In the rainier places ( like Gloucester ) not so much.

Mount Desert summer 'cottages'

We made it as far north as Mount Desert where we spend the week hiding from a hurricane and admiring the large and small holiday cottages that graced the shore.

At anchor in Maine, Penobscot Bay

In general we just enjoyed spending time in a peaceful and temperate land drifting here and there on our home, Sea Gal.