Sunday, 3 April 2011

Turn around, heading north through the Exumas and on to Nassau


April 3, 2011 - Nassau, The Bahamas

Collections from the deep

We had reached the southern most tip of our winter adventure, and thought we had better head back to the USA to find some work to fill up the cruising kitty. We still had a month to get back to time to see some more on the way back.

Getting better at catching them. Two in one go.

In a stop in our favourite Saddleback Cay we managed to bag two lobsters in one trip, good for us as we didn't tend to spend long in the water as we had no wet suits and we didn't go to far from the boat with our small rib.

Di made lobster thermadore for supper

Di made some lobster thermadore with this one. I also love them on the BBQ with some butter.

Di's definition of decadence

Dis definition of a good life is two bikinis on the line. Even is this climate your bikini is not dry from your first swim of the day before you feel obliged to jump in again.

Di finished the new Bimini top

We also had time for some boat work. Here Di is seen with all her recent creations, the two new sail cover/stack packs, the bimini cover and the cockpit cushion covers. Finally getting rid of the dated blue canvas look.

Carriage ride

After the Exumas we stopped in Nassau for some more traditional tourism. Very busy side of the Bahamas that is all that most tourist see. A shame for them, but keeps the rest of it quiet for us. Horse carriage rides are a Nassau tradition.

Straw market in Nassau

The straw market is another Nassau 'must see' although all these attractions clustered around the cruise ship terminal make it busy.

Dee Dee and Di, old school friends

Through the wonders of face book Di found an old school friend Diedrie (Deedee) Graham who lives is Nassau. We met up with her and met her family. It was great to have a local guide and to see some family life. We had dinner at the cricket club, drove around the back street of Nassau and had a lovely family dinner.

Cruise ship parking in Nassau

Leaving Nassau we were not sorry wave goodbye to the cruise ships and the crowded beaches, the noise and the pollution and head on the the Berry islands for a final fill up on quiet.

Favourite evening pastime

In the berry islands we managed to find some peaceful places a couple of beaches and even time for a fire or two before a trip back to 'real life' of working.

High quality BBQ food with custom bean tin handle