Sunday, 14 August 2011

Summer in Canada


August 14, 2011 - Algonquin Park, Canada

When in Canada

When we have the chance of some more days off we visited Algonquin National Park further North. Mostly trees, lakes and paths. We felt obliged to take a quick trip on a canoe. But after 15 minutes paddling and unable to find the sails we turned back.



Rainy day walks in the park

We walked some of the shorter trals in the park and enjoyed the views. The weather was mostly kind, apart from when we put the top down on the car or went for a walk.




Smaller cabin on the lake

We stayed in a lovely log cabin on the lake.










Visited the logging museum and learned all we needed to know about chopping down trees in Canada. Could wait to get back and start up the chain saw.

Driving around Canada

The drive was always enjoyable.





Quiet rivers

The scenery peaceful.





Enjoying the speed boat

When we have time we like to go for a spin in the boat. Although its nice to be back on the water bouncing along at speed with all that noise does not compare to the tranquillity and serenity of drifting along under the power of the wind alone.