Monday, 27 July 2009

New York, New York


July 27, 2009 - New York NY, United States

We sailed up the New Jersey Coast and into New York. Very Busy harbour with barges, ferries and tripper boats. We saw this famous lady too.

Statue of Liberty

We visited Ellis island, the immigration centre for NY for many years. Lots of interesting history and stylish architecture.

Ellis Island

After 2 days we had enough and left up the East River, nearly got landed on by a plane.

Sea Plane

Saw some crazy mansions built on the top of tower blocks

Mansions in the sky.

And were glad to escape to the relative peace on Long Island Sound.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Sailing in Chesapeake Bay


July 4, 2009 - Baltimore MD, United States

Shake down sail in June 09

After launching we took a few new friends from the yard sailing. Some who had never sailed, some who needed a reminder of what it was all about.

Anchored near the Washington monument

We sailed north up the Chesapeake Bay taking a week or 2 on a small side Mission to Washington DC.

Tourists in Washington

We spent two days in the noisy city and managed a few memorials, museums and statues before we could walk no more and became tired of tourism.

Getting a tow

We sailed on to Solomons Island up the bay and spent a few days watching the world go by whilst fixing the raw water pump on the engine. We watched this beautiful reproduction boat come into the harbour, but they were unable to drive away from the fuel dock and had to be towed out to see. The skipper should be flogged.

Di and the sunset

Sailing from the sunset

Once all was repaired we had some great sailing days up to Annapolis to meet our first guests of the season.

More sailing from the sunset

Iris and Wilson visit Sea Gal in USA

Iris and Wilson joined us for a week to enjoy the pleasures of cruising.

What happens after we catch it

Wilson donating some equipment and expertise to enable Barney to catch our first fish of the season, an 8 pound cat fish. Wilson also lend the will power to hit it repeatedly over the head so Iris could get it into the oven.


A common but still wonderful sight are the Osprey nesting on the marker posts around the bay. Each week the chicks get bigger and louder.

4th July

We also enjoyed the fireworks on the 4th July, but the locals were most surprised when we said we didnt celebrate the day !

Baltimore Harbour

We then sailed into busy Baltimore to bid farewell to our guests, whilst surrounded by dragons !