Friday, 15 July 2011

Our new home on the lake

July 15, 2011 - Keswick, Canada

Beechcroft House

This is Beechwood, our new home for the Summer. A beautiful House on the lake. 




Spacious bedroom

We have a very comfortable apartment with a large bedroom and huge lounge.




Our lounge






Woodchuck, or Groundhog, that lives under the porch

This is our closest neighbour who lives under the porch.




Lunch above the falls

After a hard first two week in the height of the Summer season we drove to Niagara on our first day of and had lunch in a restaurant at the top of a Tower overlooking the falls.





The fleet

The cars we get to drive, and clean.





Beechcroft House

Some of the expansive lawn, that needs mowing.





Beechcroft House






Barneys tractor

But we have the tools for the job.





Dock on the lake

The large dock on the lake.





Dock on the lake






Some people visit the farm, or it comes to you.

During one busy party a petting zoo came to visit for the kids ( and adults ) to pet.

Friday, 1 July 2011

UK visit with tree swinging via NY


July 1, 2011 - Scarborough, United Kingdom

New York tourists

We left Sea Gal in a hurry. Just enough time to cover the hatches and show Geoff how to work the bilge pump. We flew via New York on the cheapest deal we could find, which meant a 9 hour stop over. We decided to make the most of our time and caught the train into the city for a bit of tourism. After a couple of hours walking and shopping the tourists were a bit jaded.

Happy at last

But this put a smile on their faces, along with a fat boy lunch in our 'usual' restaurant under the Empire State Building. Most people visit this building to go to the top, we are usually in a hurry or cant afford the rise, so go to the basement instead for beer and burgers.

Going Ape team

Once back in the UK we spent a few days in Bristol and Bath with Lindy, Fiona, Bill, Rory and Josie. The a rush round the UK to Kingston(Jerry), Lindfield ( Jason et al), Ipswich (Jams), Doncaster(Natalie) and finally to Ganton to see Iris and join in with her 70th birthday celebrations.

Yvonne the monkey

For the main event we went to a Go Ape facility which has you swinging around in the trees and travelling down long zip wires.

Stepping stones in the trees

Diane on the zip line

Ready for the zip wire

Iris managed to complete the course and here she is with a big smile about to jump from the top of a tree to zip wire 200ft above the car park.

Iris above the car park

We had a whirlwind 10 days in the UK, but managed to catch up with many of our nearest and dearest.. so on to Canada and a new adventure.