Sunday, 10 January 2010

End of a season on Sea Gal and Winter 2010


January 11, 2010 - Gloucester Courthouse VA, United States

We spent the last couple of weeks on Sea Gal enjoying the Chesapeake autumn, and looking forward to central heating when we found a house to live in.

End of season sunset.

We enjoyed the last few sunsets and took some friends from the boatyard for a sail, to remind them of what it was, or show them something new.

End of season sail

Sea Gal finally got hauled out for the winter into Shroeders Yard and tucked up with anti-freeze and zip-lock bags.

Lifting SeaGal at the end of the season

Before we left there was a party, for some it was the end of the summer season, for others the start of the winter migration to the Caribbean, for the rest an excuse to drink beer and eat oysters.

Oyster roast

Lucy and Rick from 'Flying Cloud' are heading to the southern Caribbean

Shroeders end of season/new season party

We had time for a quick visit to the UK. Barney caught up with young niece and nephew Josie and Rory. Both getting bigger by the minute.

Rory and Josie

We were also lucky enough to be in the country for Paul and Marys wedding in Godstone. It was great to catch up with lots of old school friends, and very nice of them to all come to one place to save us all that travelling.

James and Becky

Bob and Nuala

Paul and Mary getting married

In December 2009 Diane and Barney started a new job in a luxury ski chalet in Veysonnaz, Switzerland

Barney had a new ride to drive in his job at Hidden Dragon.

Barney's wheels at the Hidden Dragon

An old friend, Lindsay, came to work at the Hidden Dragon chalet as the house keeper.

Lindsay an old friend, housekeeper al the Hidden Dragon.

Jon the chef picks out a new handbag.

Jon the Chef at Hidden Dragon

We met Carol Sneddon who was the therapist it the chalet

Carol, therapist at the Hidden Dragon, wears a helmet at the bar, go figure.

After half the winter season we moved back to Klosters and Davos. Stayed with an old friend Teresa and soon started work in the Chalet Tivoli.

In Davos we enjoyed the skiing and the stuff that comes after( and before and during )

Barney and Diane

In Davos the scenery was beautiful and the valleys peaceful.

A stream near Klosters

Sometimes the job included some strange duties, such as igloo building.