Monday, 19 September 2011

Summers officially over in Canada


September 19 - Keswick, Canada

Its cold in Canada

Last week it decided that the summer was over here in Canada. The temperature dropped by 10 degrees and the weather forecast was warning of frost at night. So its time to pack up this house and move south to Florida where the sun shines all day, apart from a 3pm when it rains for 20 minutes to keep the humidity up.




The drop Big Chute Avoids

Before we left there was time to visit a few more places up here. Along the Severn Trent water-way, which connects many lakes with canals and locks so pleasure boats can by pass Niagara, there are a few interesting variations on the classic lock. The Big Chute marine railway was made so you don't have to ride these rapids.




Big Chute sled

This sled lowers in the water at one side, you drive your boat in and it is lifted into slings on the sled.




Big Chute marine railway

The sled then is lowered down these tracks to the water below. A 10 minute journey, sounds hairy to me.






Kirkfield lift lock

In Kirkfield there is a hydraulic lift lock. There are two boxes on large hydraulic rams. You drive your boat into the box, the doors are shut and the top lift is loaded with a foot more water than the bottom lift.




Kirkfield LIft Lock

When the brakes are taken off up (or down) you go just with the extra weight of water. Fast and fascinating.




Blue Jays ball game

We also managed to visit down town Toronto and see a base ball game. Key points to note, beer is very expensive, $10 dollars a can, glad we smuggled in some wine gums.



Star batter with broken legs

This is the Blue Jays star player who didn't score any points, or runs, or rounder's, or whatever they are. Looks like he had a problem with his legs too poor guy. Lastly, if you are a Blue Jays fan, it is not a good idea, like one young lady we saw, to paint the initials of you team name on your cheeks, it may give people the wrong impression.


Delivering Jet Ski in the cold

So we are packing up the house, putting away the tennis court, Jacuzzi, boats and golf courses. Di bravely volunteered to drive the Jet Ski to the storage place across the lake on a chilly day. Roll on Florida.



Sound advice

One important note from this sign on my soon to be ex-lawn mower; it seems to be saying, when driving over toddlers, do it in reverse.




Headin' south

So its time to head for warmer climes, at what more appropriate a carriage than this, luckily we don’t have much luggage.