Friday, 15 October 2010

Down the ICW to Florida


October 15, 2010 - Norfolk VA, United States

Waiting for the lock

We left Deltaville and headed down the ICW to find some warmth further south. We finally met with snow-birds heading south for the winter, which made the trip more interesting, if crowded. Here we were waiting for the lock to Enter the Dismal swamp canal, early in the morning.

In the lock at the Dismal swamp

In the lock with other cruisers bound for The Bahamas

Dismal swamp. Not dismal just long.

Once in the Dismal swamp it was a long days motor down a tree lined canal. A little different to the alternative of rounding cape Hatteras with an opposing wind.

Staff accommodation is never glam

And more to see on the canal than on the open sea.

You wouldn't want that up your stern

The canal had some funding to dredge the shallower parts with this pretty mean looking tool.

Testing the wash down pump

Whilst under way we had time for some work. Barney installed a new wash down system to jet wash the mud from the anchor when we pulled up black stuff from the bottom.

DI working hard making cushion covers

Di continues with the sewing projects.

Working hard growing the porn tash

Barney also worked hard at his new porn tash. Didn't last long.

Sunset on the ICW

Always enjoyed the sunsets in the sheltered anchorages.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Heading south from Maine to warmer places


October 1, 2010 - Rockland ME, United States

After spending the Summer enjoying the peace and beauty of Maine, we then realised why it was not so busy, it was getting cold pretty quickly. So like good snow-birds, we headed south.

Newport Bridge in the mist

First stop was Newport RI for Barney to complete a 2 week yacht master course and exam.

Fellow students on the Yachtmaster course

A week in the classroom, then a week off to hide from a gale, then a week day sailing to get my Yacht Master Offshore CI. Its been a long time coming. Passed with flying colours, I think I was the only one in doubt. Got a good qualification and met some great new friends.

Cruise ship

Whilst we were in Newport we met up with an old repping friend if Di's, Michelle, who was working on this cruise ship, so we got to have a look around. We still prefer our SeaGal.

Sewing cushion covers

After Newport we headed back into the Chesapeake, and a quick trip to Annapolis, MD. We did some shopping in SailRite for sewing materials and Di started on the long project of renewing the blue fabric on the boat. First step was the cockpit cushion covers.


Next stop was Deltaville to visit a few friends in our favourite boat yard. Liz and Chris on Zulia were still completing the longest fit out in history ( 3years and counting). We stocked up on beer. After exhaustive research we discovered that Virginia was the cheapest place to buy beer on the east coast of the USA. $11 for a case of 24. It wasn't enough.