Wednesday, 26 January 2011

On to Eleuthra


January 26, 2011 - Governor's Harbour, The Bahamas

Glass window

From the Abacos we thought it time to head further south in search of warmer climes. We crossed to the North of Eleuthera from Cherokee Point to Royal Island in the company of several boats all choosing the windy Northern weather to fly across, rather that the prevailing southerly. We would meet up with with many of these boats time and again as our paths crossed on the voyage south.

After Royal Island we went through current cut and crossed to anchor near this bridge that joins two parts of the Island that barely touch. It is known as the glass window.

First beach BBQ

That night we invited the crew of Vontana, Ryan, Alexis and Luma, to our first beach BBQ, first of many.

SeaGal and Vontana watch or fire


We continues south, found some very cheap moorings in Hatchett Bay, some very cheap rum in Governers Harbour and then ran to Rock Sound to hide out another weather system. This picture taken when we went ashore for a picnic to escape from cabin fever. Maybe not such a good idea after all.

Root cave

As the weather improved we explored this town and surroundings. This cave system south of town has some amazing root systems growing down into it and was a great place for a picnic with our new friends.

Exploring root caves

Monday, 10 January 2011

January in the Bahamas


January 10, 2011 - Marsh Harbour, The Bahamas

Visiting the beach

After a quiet Christamas in Treasure Cay it was time to explore some more of the Abacos. We visited a few Islands, this photo was on Lynyard Cay in the way to Little Harbor, home of Petes Pub, where we enjoyed a nice lunch and some punch or two.

Surpisingly chilly at times

The weather in the Abacos at this time of year was fine most of the time, but surprisingly chilly when the North wind blew.

Playing with the Christmas jigsaw

Luckily when the weather was not so good we had present to play with from Christmas

New years eve dinner at the yacht club

For New Years eve we were back in Green Turtle Cay. Richards treated us to dinner at the yacht club.

New Years day Juncanoo

New Years day saw the Junkanoo parade. Traditionally the slaves of the original settlers were given very little time off, one days a year, usually new years day, so they celebrated. The tradition continues as parades and festivals all over The Bahamas. The parade consists of bright costumes and most of the participants banging loud drums. Just what you need with a new years day hangover.

Ever vigilant

The proceedings were organised in laid back Island style.

Hammock Testing

When the weather was fine we had time to test the new hammock.

Hammock Testing

If I can just get it started

We also visited Hope Town and Great Guana Cay, then returned to Marsh Harbour for Richard to catch his return flight.