Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Working on Runaway Bunny a long stay in St Martin


July 2012 044We left our beloved yacht but luckily had no time to worry about what we had forgotten to put away or pack our back in our bags as we were on to our next adventure, working as crew on a 74ft Sailing yacht crossing the Atlantic.

We joined Runaway Bunny in English Harbour Antigua for a warm up trip to St Martin.

On board, the Captain Gindi, Mate/Chef Ruth, Christine Gerard and her Grandson Jose, Diane and Myself.

PICT0100A quick over night trip, and very useful to learn the rope of our new vessel. Gindi had invited a friend Christine who bought along her Grandson Jose, a very keen fisherman, 12 going on 20.

A few fish were caught, which prevented Jose getting any sleep, he eventually went to his bunk at breakfast time to ‘examine the pillows’.

The plan was to spend a few days in St Martin, fill up PICT0089with provisions, a few last minute jobs, pick up the crew for the crossing the head off in to the wide blue yonder. But you know what they say about plans, especially on boats. Either have none or many.

After a few days of fixing stuff and filling every corner with food for the trip, we left for a final system test around the bay. A few rattles from the engine and sharp intakes of breath from a local Yanmar engineer and it seems we were to spend a few more weeks in St Martin.


The engine had managed to cook the preheater coil, then weld to to a piston. The only sensible thing to do was remove the engine, have it rebuilt, then drop it back in.

This took the promised three weeks and gave us plenty of time to get to know the ins and out of the new boat. Lots of jobs got done that were waiting for a bit of spare time and extra crew.

Carribean 091Luckily for us the extra time in St Martin meant that we managed to meet up with Kieran and Lilly Bolero. Great to finally catch up and show each crew a little of a very different boat.

Eventually the time passed, the engine was returned and we were ready for our trip across the pond.


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