Saturday, 10 March 2012

St Croix and the US VI’s

After hanging out in Viaques and resting after our visitors had left, we eventually decided it was time to leave the country. Bored with the the constant battle to get east against the prevailing wind we headed South for St Croix and were mostly delighted. We landed in Frederiksted on the western end of the island to a surprisingly calm anchorage. Were invited to a bar by the owner on a paddle board. We watched the sunset over painkiller and nachos while admiring the praying-mantis the bar kept as a pet. All the calm before the storm.

SeaGalMarch2012 009

We also caught up on some email and discovered Iris was planning to visit soon, so the rush was back on the get all the laundry done, fill the boat back up with food and head to the BVI’s where there was more than one anchorage. St Croix had been nice, but the northern anchorages were very exposed. We battled through strong wind to St John then onto Tortola to check into the BVI’s and with hours to spare we arrived on Beef Island and anchored under the flight path for our airport pickup.

Kieran my brother tells of a journey in Madagascar to pick up his mother involving a 4 day trip with dugout canoes 4*4’s and many other jungle adventures. This was the opposite, with the terminal building a leisurely 2 minute walk from the beach and dingy dock.

With Iris safely on board we were on our way to explore the rest of the BVIs battling the charter fleets and mooring fields of a rather busy corner of paradise.

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