Wednesday, 7 March 2012




For the past few month Di has been trying to grow some vegetables on the boat. She started with a variety pack of salad seeds. Cress is a great moral booster as you can eat a lovely egg and cress sandwich within days, the rest take a lot more patience.

Many seeds don't seem to like the climate or the constant moving them from the deck for the sunshine, then back to the safety of the galley sink for sailing. One plant that is very successful and the most rewarding to observe ( my point of view ) in the tomato.

SeaGalFeb2012 120Ironically the one ‘fruit’ Di doesn't like.

They are quick to germinate, fast to grow, and even have produced a few fruit. Once the flowers appear we were then worried about pollination, as we don't have bees on the boat yet. So we have to ‘sex them up’ with a toothpick! Luckily we have three plants so they can mix it up a bit, but I am sure they are cousins.

Within a few weeks we have ripening tomatoes.

Apart from the cress, the only other vague success is a lettuce that is gaining shape quickly. We just need a pig to make my favourite BLT sandwich.

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  1. cherry tomatoes might work well as the fruit will not ever get too heavy - and have you tried strawberries - small root system etc. Im trying a vertical strawberry set up this year - it might be transferable to a yot?